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Indulge Your Pup with Grandma Lucy’s Artisan Pre-Mix Dog Food!


Grandma Lucy’s is a pet brand that specializes in creating high-quality and natural food and treats for dogs and cats. Grandma Lucy’s is known for using premium ingredients and employing gentle preparation methods, such as freeze-drying, to maintain the nutritional value of their products.

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Grandma Lucy’s Artisan Pre-Mix Dog Food, Grain Free and Freeze-Dried – 8Lb Bag

  • QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST – A wholesome blend of highest quality ingredients, freeze-dried fruits, vegetables and herbs
  • LIMITED INGREDIENTS – This all natural, grain-free recipe contains no fillers, by products, GMO’s or preservatives to keep your dog happy and healthy
  • PRE-MIX – This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only. Add desired protein that is either cooked or raw
  • GREAT TASTE – We don’t compromise on taste. Freeze-drying uses low levels of heat to retain taste, texture and aroma that your pup craves
  • JUST ADD WATER – For each cup of dog food add 1-2 cups of warm water. Stir well and let stand for 3-5 minutes

Family Owned

A Review Of Grandma Lucy’s

Seamus is our sweet, gentle, kind, adorable, 9 1/2 year old “eternal puppy” who doesn’t just wag his tail when he’s happy …. he wags his entire body! He’s a clown, a best friend, and a champion snuggler who howls whenever he hears a siren.

On a February day in 2014, my husband and I went to a local animal shelter to meet a puppy that caught our eye on Petfinder. We never did end up meeting that puppy because the minute we laid eyes on our copper-colored angel with the soulful eyes, we knew we’d found “the one”. Our Seamus literally picked us – and we’re so grateful he did. He was 8 months old when we brought him home – and despite signs that he wasn’t treated very kindly by whoever surrendered him to the shelter, he chose to love and trust his strange new humans completely. He’s been our joy ever since.

My husband and I aren’t the kind of people who care about a dog’s pedigree. He grew up with mutts and so did I. Every dog I’ve ever had has been a mutt. As far as I’m concerned, the muttier the mutt, the better! The people at the shelter assumed Seamus was a Retreiver mix, while my husband and I guessed he was a Coonhound mix. Of course it didn’t matter to us what his mixture was, but our curiousity got the best of us and we bought one of those “doggie DNA” tests. And what a surprise we got!
It turns out Seamus is a Beagle/Great Dane mix. I really don’t want to know HOW such a strange mixture came to be. I’m just glad he’s ours!

I realize that all these details about Seamus are irrelevant to this review, but they are not irrelevant to us. The love we have for our dog plays a major role in the products we choose to buy for him. People who love their dogs and/or aren’t completely ignorant about animal nutrition don’t dump cheap byproduct-filled kibbles in their dog’s bowl for every single meal – or let them chomp on bones made from Chinese rawhide (or any rawhide for that matter). My dog is a beloved family member, and I make sure his diet reflects that. We don’t buy him garbage. We try our best to educate ourselves about animal health and nutrition. We try to stay vigilant so that we don’t get duped by unethical companies that sell low quality products that could cause harm to our beloved companion. My husband and I don’t have (or want) children, so we dote on our dog. We fuss over him and worry about him. We want him to have everything he needs to live a long, healthy, happy life with us. Nutrition is essential for health and longevity, so we read ingredient labels and educate ourselves.

And that brings us to Grandma Lucy’s – the wholesome ingredients are what got me interested. My dog really seems to enjoy it, so I’ve given it a chance. I’ve added both the chicken flavored one and the pre-mix (which I combine with eggs, turkey, chicken, or tuna) to his rotation. I rotate a few different trusted, tried-and-true, high quality dog food brands and varieties that I know my dog likes and that have never caused any intestinal issues or allergic reactions (Some Acana kibble here, some Instinct Raw there, Grandma Lucy’s rehydrated with hlsome homemade bone broth, a carton of Honest Kitchen wet food, a can of Wellness Core, some boiled chicken, the occasional raw meaty bone, etc.) I do this so that my boy gets maximum nutrition, and also to give him some variety so that he doesn’t get bored. I make sure he gets plenty of healthy “people food” in his diet – lean meats, organic yogurt, sweet potatoes, apple slices, etc. – either as snacks, or mixed in with his meals. I’ve come along way since the 1990’s when I actually believed Hill’s Science Diet and Iams/Eukanuba were ‘high quality’ dog foods , and that feeding “people food” to dogs was detrimental to their health.

When I mix up a bowl of Grandma Lucy’s, Seamus whimpers and whines and wags his whole body in anticipation. (He can be very impatient and pushy when it comes to food!) I add a few pumps of fish oil along with his various supplements, then he scarfs it all down and licks the bowl clean. In the past, Seamus has tried “The Honest Kitchen” line of dehydrated dog food, but he wasn’t very enthusiastic about it. That was disappointing to me because The Honest Kitchen is a great brand. He did eat it, but it took a bit of coaxing. I’m not trying to turn anyone away from The Honest Kitchen. Seamus loves their wet food and their goat’s milk, so I still buy them every so often. Unfortunately, he just wasn’t crazy about their dehydrated food. On the other hand, my neighbor’s dogs that I occasionally “puppy-sit” both tried The Honest Kitchen dehydrated food and loved it, so it was never a question of quality – it was simply about my dog’s preference. When it comes to dehydrated dog food, my dog prefers Grandma Lucy’s over The Honest Kitchen. If Grandma Lucy’s can keep my dog happy and healthy, it’ll definitely stay in his rotation.

Why Choose Grandma Lucy’s?

Grandma Lucy’s is committed to providing pet owners with high-quality, natural pet food made with real ingredients you can trust. With a focus on quality, nutrition, and taste, Grandma Lucy’s products are crafted with care to provide pets with the best possible nutrition.

Benefits of Freeze-Dried Dog Food:

Freeze-dried dog food offers numerous benefits for both dogs and their owners:

  • Nutrient Retention: Freeze-drying preserves the natural flavor and nutrients of the ingredients, ensuring a wholesome and nutritious meal for your pup.
  • Convenience: Freeze-dried dog food is easy to prepare and store, making it a convenient option for busy pet owners.
  • Long Shelf Life: The freeze-drying process extends the shelf life of the food, allowing you to stock up and save money on your pup’s favorite meals.
  • Customizable: With freeze-dried pre-mixes like Grandma Lucy’s Artisan Pre-Mix Dog Food, you can easily customize each meal to suit your dog’s individual tastes and dietary needs.

Treat your pup to the gourmet goodness of Grandma Lucy’s Artisan Pre-Mix Dog Food. With its grain-free and freeze-dried formula, this pre-mix dog food provides a convenient and nutritious meal option that’s sure to please even the pickiest of eaters!