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Pet Food Toppers and Mixers

Pet food toppers and mixers are supplements added to regular dog or cat food to enhance taste and nutrition. Toppers and mixers come in various forms, including:

  • Wet Food: Additional canned food, such as stew, chopped meat or gravy. Adds moisture, nutrients and flavor. Popular brands include Nature’s Variety, Nutro and Blue Buffalo.
  • Dehydrated: Crumbled, dried meat treats rehydrated with water. Grain-free and all-natural. Brands like Honest Kitchen, Stella & Chewy’s and Primal Pet Foods offer dehydrated topper and mixer options.
  • Freeze-Dried: Raw, freeze-dried meat pieces that rehydrate when added to food. Provides nutritional benefits of raw food with convenience. Look for brands like Open Farm, Primal Pet Foods and Stella & Chewy’s.
  • Broths and Gravies: Liquid supplements to pour over food. Enhance flavor and add moisture. Some gravies provide protein from sources like meat or fish. Popular brands are Pet Botanics, Nature’s Logic and Embark.

Benefits of Pet Food Toppers and Mixers

Toppers and mixers can provide the following benefits:

  • Extra nutrition such as vitamins, minerals, protein or healthy fats
  • Increased flavor and moisture for picky eaters or those needing higher hydration
  • Replace one meal a day for weight loss (use directions to substitute properly)
  • Ease of transitioning to a new food by mixing with current food
  • Suitable for rotation feeding by changing up flavors and proteins
  • Palatability support during illness, treatment or recovery

Pet food toppers and mixers allow owners to boost nutrition, add flavor to food and support their animal’s wellbeing during certain life stages or conditions. For the best experience, choose a high-quality topper made from natural, whole ingredients and follow feeding directions based on your pet’s age, size and activity level. Rotating various trusted brands and protein sources is a great way to provide dietary enrichment and encourage mealtime enthusiasm in both dogs and cats.