Blue Buffalo

Natural, Healthy Pet Food for Dogs & Cats

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Nutrition that Nourishes Life Together

Blue Buffalo creates premium pet food made from whole, natural ingredients to support health and wellness. Their holistic recipes provide dogs and cats with balanced nutrition to thrive and live long. For Amazon Prime Day, save 25% on healthy Blue Buffalo pet food and treats. Fuel the amazing bond between you and your pet, naturally.

Always the Finest Natural Ingredients

Blue Buffalo uses only the highest-quality natural ingredients in their pet food. Their first-rate whole grains, fresh meat, fruit and vegetables provide the nutrients your pet needs to be happy and healthy at every life stage. With Blue Buffalo, simplicity and quality come naturally.

Respects the Truth About Pets’ Needs

Blue Buffalo’s pet nutritionists develop science-based pet food backed by research into the evolutionary diet of dogs and cats. Their grain-free, high-protein and weight control formulas mirror the natural diets of pets, optimized for ideal health, digestion and balance at each life stage or size.

Essential Antioxidants and Minerals

Blue Buffalo pet food provides guaranteed levels of glucosamine for joint health, antioxidants to support immunity, and essential minerals for a radiant coat and overall wellness. Their holistic approach considers the whole pet using only natural, necessary ingredients.

Save 25% on Prime Day

Find deals on Blue Buffalo’s Wilderness, Basics, Freedom and Earthborn Holistic natural pet food and dental sticks. Save 25% on Prime Day for high-quality nutrition focused on helping dogs and cats thrive. However you define adventure together, Blue Buffalo gives you confidence in every moment by providing only the best for your best friend.

Nutrition that Lets their True Nature Shine Through

Blue Buffalo crafts premium pet food and treats using natural whole grains, fresh meats and produce. Save 25% on Prime Day and choose recipes backed by science that mirror the diets of pets’ wild ancestors. Their holistic, simple approach to pet nutrition provides the vitality and balance for a long life of happiness and adventure together, naturally.